How to Configure Message Filtering

Configuring Message Filtering

Depending on the settings applied by your email administrator, you may or may not be able to configure your email filtering options. Valid filtering options are:

  Allow: Allows the message to pass through the filter and delivers the message to your email inbox.
  Markup: Adds a subject tag to the Subject line of the email message. Subject tags are short bits of text (up to twenty characters) prepended to the subject line of an email message to alert you that a message has been flagged as suspicious. 
  Quarantine: Quarantines the message.
  Block: Deletes the message. Blocked messages are not recoverable from the quarantine list.


Note: The filter settings configured by your email administrator are tagged with the Administrator Settings icon. These settings cannot be removed but they can be modified if permitted.

To modify your filtering options: Log in at

  1. Click the Policies tab.
  2. From the drop-down list next to each message type, select the filtering option.

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